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Anales galdosianos. Año II, | Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

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La misa diaria

Compendium of Srem E-book F. Apuntes para servir a la historia E-book Alcala Galiano, Antonio Maria En este libro se empieza a fraguar la Espana moderna, con pretensiones republicanas y un nuevo proye.. El consejo de los dioses E-book Rizal y Alonso, Jose El consejo de los dioses refleja las convicciones de Rizal sobre el hispanismo. Tomas Karlejl'. Terror Attacks E-book Williams, Anne Brutal acts which shocked and horrified the world - exactly as their perpetrators planned Tomas of Evermore E-book Hankins, Mary Elizabeth Gathering his purple cloak around him and fastening his satchel securely to his belt, Tomas ran.

Berto's World E-book Comunale, R. En bok om hunderaser for barn: De er alle hunder E-book Richards, Amber Bokens beskrivelse:En bok om hunderaser for barn:De er alle hunder er en ebok for sm barn som introd.. Fabulas literarias E-book Iriarte, Tomas de Las Fabulas literarias aparecieron en , un ano mas tarde que las de Samaniego; son poemas satiri.. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Spanish.

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  • For more guidance, see Wikipedia:Translation. Categories : births deaths 19th-century Chilean historians Chilean male writers 19th-century male writers Deaths from pneumonia. Juanita Lund is the model for Gloria, as far as her physical appearance is concerned. If Juanita is also the model for Irene, then Gloria and Irene must look alike. Let us list the similarities. In view of this list we can say without hesitation that both Gloria and Irene are formed on a single model, that is, Juanita Lund.

    Of course, just as Gloria corresponds to Juanita only in physical appearance, so Irene may be only partially derived from the living model. As for Irene, certain parts of her experience could never be related to Juanita Lund. Don Benito usually brought together material from more than one model, the various elements being associated in his conscious or subconscious mind by associative links not always immediately visible to the reader.

    This element could, and I believe did, bring to the author's mind the famed regularity of the life of Immanuel Kant. There he walked its length eight times, up and down, in every season I, , Here we see again how Kant methodically organized his life. Kant was a good teacher, never dogmatic, never telling his students what they must believe. Yet he was a poor public speaker. His voice was weak, and he suffered great embarrassment on formal occasions, notably when he gave his inaugural lecture as a professor. Finally, Kant sought always to see through the external appearances of things to the true underlying values.

    The latter describes himself as follows:. These words are just as true of Kant as they are of Manso. We have seen how Kant was praised for his ability to see through appearances and always to maintain contact with reality. Later Manso asks himself where all those fine qualities of serenity and reason that he saw in Irene came from, and he answers himself as follows:.

    Aquellas prendas estaban en mis libros; productos fueron de mi facultad pensadora y sintetizante, de mi trato frecuente con la unidad y las grandes leyes, de aquel funesto don de apreciar arquetipos y no personas. I believe that he idealized Juanita Lund, projecting into her character all the fine qualities that one could hope for in a perfect woman. When her marriage was announced he felt the deception of one whose house of cards has tumbled. Like Manso, he probably gained a new contact with reality and realized that a real woman, with her faults and even because of them, can have more charm than an abstract concept.

    We have seen two factors -his involvement in family affairs and his disillusionment in love- both of which had an element in common. Both drew him out of his private little world of routine work and literature and threw him into the real world of concrete affairs. But not only events of real life were pushing him towards a closer contact with reality: new literary theories were reenforcing the same tendency. In it I found six novels of Zola, all dated Zola of course was not widely known even in France until when the furor over L'Assommoir put his name on everyone's lips.

    Of course, it would be absurd to maintain that Don Benito took over all features of the experimental novel, yet without going outside of El amigo Manso , in which naturalism is certainly greatly modified, we can see numerous cases of its influence. Specially, natural laws govern the actions of the various characters.

    Irene is by no means the only character explained by physical elements. For our present purpose we are not interested in the other ways in which naturalistic literary techniques affect the composition of El amigo Manso. If people are subject to natural laws we must accept them as they are. It does little or no good to rail against people as they are.


    The philosopher will accept them with an ironical smile at their foibles, realizing that he himself is just as human as the others. Literary naturalism in Spain cannot be fully understood without reference to the concurrent naturalistic trend in philosophy which parallelled and reinforced the development of the purely literary movement. About the youthful intellectual group in Spain was turning away from the idealistic school represented by Kant, Hegel, and, in Spain, particularly by Krause.

    The breakup of the Krausista school came as Spaniards became aware of recent developments elsewhere in Europe.