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Open monday to friday from 10 am to 11 pm, week-end from 11 am to 11 pm. An upmarket establishment that is obviously one of the big English speaking references of Paris. WHSmith is the largest English bookshop in Paris, and probably the largest selection of English books in the capital. The bookstore also distinguishes itself by selling DVDs and by a big department dedicated to press.

EN VOILIER A TABLE PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

In the cozy atmosphere of the rue de Rivoli, this bookshop, although somewhat impersonal, is a classic for all English speaking in Paris. Open monday to saturday from 9 am to 7 pm, sunday and public holiday from The place is narrow and the shelves are full of books that also extend onto the sidewalk. In addition to English books, you can find German or Dutch literature, as well as used books.

Open monday to saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.


A short walk from Beaubourg , this bookshop is a Mecca for German speaking. In addition to the traditional methods of language and other literary classics, you will find enough to satisfy everyone: literature of all countries and all continents, beautiful books, calendars, specialized literature….

Open monday to saturday from A reference place for Brazilian and Portuguese culture lovers. Unfortunately, others than French-speaking people will not be able to get the historical impact of the place because of the complexity of the Revolutionary history and the lack of translation of the archives in the rooms recreating the ancient prison. Despite this, visiting The Conciergerie, will satisfy the most curious, who will understand all the way along, that the place was, beside a prison, the hotbed of a huge political chaos that took hold of the Parisian for several years.

The visit will allow you to walk through the halls were the seat of The Royal power was. Right at the entrance of the Conciergerie, you will discover a magnificent example of it, The Armory. Note that this room is used, all through the year as gallery, mostly for exhibitions of Contemporary Art.

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See also our guided tours. Also see our guided tours. Paris and its bridges. Embankment of the Seine. Pont des Arts and Institut de France. In addition to the traditional methods of language and other literary classics, you will find enough to satisfy everyone: literature of all countries and all continents, beautiful books, calendars, specialized literature… Open monday to saturday from Book your e-ticket for la Conciergerie.

First edition in French of this charter of the Dutch West India Company: trading and colonizing company, chartered by the States-General of the Dutch republic in and organized in By the terms of the charter no citizen of the Netherlands could trade with any point on the African coast between the Tropic of Cancer and the Cape of Good Hope or on the American coast between Newfoundland and the Straits of Magellan without the companys permission [see p. The company was responsible to the States-General in larger matters, such as declaring war, but otherwise had almost complete administrative and judicial power in its territory.

Paris, Laporte, An X Numerous engraved folding plates, some with hand-coloring. Contemporary quarter calf. New edition. New edition of this poket atlas representing all the land of the world, by unknown author, printed in Paris in by Joseph De Laporte.

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The original edition of this atlas published in is one of the first to recognize the United States as an independent nation. With a total of 32 cards including 4 astronomy, this new edition is: "Increased a Map of the French Republic, with an explanation where we designate the province to which each department corresponds.

Avec les pays, provinces et citez et les merveilleuses et diverses creatures qui sont dedans Paris, [Lotrian], [circa Selon Murray, c'est le seul exemplaire connu de cet ouvrage de cosmographie. Scarce copy of this popular geographical work consisting of a medieval collection of geography, astronomy and other physical sciences, a text that has circulated in the form of verse and prose since the 13th century. The work is attributed to Gautier de Metz, French poet and priest who produced it around , based on the Medieval Latin text "Imago mundi" by Honorius Inclusus.

Gautier's poem is one of the many "encyclopedic" medieval works that describe creation, geography and astronomy with factual and imaginary passages. Monsters, treasures and distant lands are evoked in this pseudo-scientific poem, which has been translated into several languages during the Middle Ages, and beautifully illustrated in numerous manuscripts.

The poem "Mappemonde", attributed to Gautier de Metz, was probably transformed into prose by Maistre Gossouin in This edition reproduces that of due Cailant, but with some additions at the end. A similar copy is present in the collections of the NY public library. Provenance: from the library of Ferdinand Columbus ex-libris, "Colombina Biblioteca" , then from Baron Pichon "bought in " with his ex-libris in red leather on the front, then Charles Fairfax Murray with shelf "" on the back of the cover.

According to Murray, this is the only known copy of this edition. Ferdinand Columbus , son of the discoverer of the New World, accompanied his father during his fourth voyage to America between After his death, he returned to Spain, then traveled all over Europe and set up a library of more than 15, books. He seems to have had a particular interest for the editions of the Image du Monde. This book, and others such as Imago Mundi by Pierre d'Ailly, inspired his father's first discovery plans.

Ferdinand's library was entrusted to the library of St. Paul's Cathedral in Seville. During the 16th and 17th centuries the library, like other Renaissance libraries, was neglected. Thus, when the library was inventoried in , its contents had decreased to volumes. The books of the Ferdinand Columbus Library are extremely rare on the market. According to our research, no other volume of the Colombina Biblioteca" has been sold in auction for the last fifty years. Paris, Basset, Logerot, S.

Fremin, geographer, engraved by [Ch. Pyaroet], published by Logerot, Quai des Augustins. The 3 cards are printed on paper and past on wood, those of France and Europe are adorned with a frame, all are watercolored by hand to distinguish the departments, countries or continents. Nice set , well preserved in its original boxe. Modern cardboard binding. The set is illustrated with 2 folded plates giving 5 maps. Paris, Edilux, One of 40 copies on Japan total copies. Rare copy of Japan paper of this sumptuous publication on Yachting, beautifully illustrated with photos and stencil drawings.

The chapter headers are adorned with stenciled browsers' pennants watercolor and gouache. The binding is a unique creation: an artist has reproduced with watercolor the decor of the of the publishers cover. Exceptional copy of one of the most beautiful books of the time on the subject. Contemporary blue calf gilt, fat spine gilt, red morocco lettering-piece. Provenance: Ducis Montebello armorial bookplate. Versailles, le 24 avril Brochage d'origine maintenu par un ruban de soie bleu. The "Barbary corsairs" of the Mediterranean represented a real scourge for maritime traffic until the 19th century, capturing thousands of ships, attacking coastal towns and supplying slave traffic with captured crews.

Although the attacks of the Barbary pirates peaked in the early mid-seventeenth century, they remained in the middle of the 18th century a constant threat to maritime traffic. Thus, the French, Spanish and Italian fleets still regularly carry out retaliation or diplomacy missions to local rulers of Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli, sponsors or accomplices of privateers of the North African coasts.

Sarah Hébert Traverse l'Atlantique en famille et en voilier

In this memoire, King Louis XV sets the framework for a mission sent to the Pasha of Tripoli in April to stop attacks and looting of French ships. Following the bombing of Tripoli by the French in July against the city of Tripoli, the Treaty of 9 June is supposed to protect French ships from the acts of piracy of Tripolitans.

However, for the past three years, the corsairs of Tripoli have engaged in aggression and looting against French ships and crews: "All the French captains who had the misfortune to meet at sea corsairs of Tripoli were exposed to be removed all their effects and provisions which were in the propriety of these corsairs, and to be abused, some even received the bastarding at the risk of their life, and it was not possible to give up the navigation to the violence of the Tripolitans any longer ". Despite various diplomatic actions, these acts of piracy have not ceased.

King Louis XV therefore decided to send a squadron in front of Tripoli to get Pacha the restoration of the treaty, financial compensation and the punishment of corsairs having been identified. Before the arrival of this fleet, the captain of Revest is sent to deliver to the Pacha the King's courier detailing the damage caused by the corsairs and the requirements of the French sovereign.

The King requires the Pasha to punish those suffering the same treatment they have done to the French, to have all the French captains compensated for the looting done to them, and to effectively prevent their safety for the future, by adding to the treaty of an article that barely pronounced death against the "Rais" who will dare to plunder or insult a French ship in any way whatsoever ". The king also demands "the heads of the principal culprits, namely of a French renegade named Sicard, who is the author of thieves of the Tripolitans" and he adds to his letter to the Pacha the list of "Rais" to be punished.

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  • In addition, he sets the amount of the required indemnity at between 5 and 6, sequins. And so that his demands are satisfied, the king specifies that "the captain de Revest will not hide from the Pasha that he must be immediately followed by several vessels of strength designed to support the just pretensions of his majesty SL, Half sheep of the time, paper on board with floral motifs and morocco reinforcements and wooden pegs: homemade binding made on board a ship using available materials, including fragments of nautical charts and handwritten navigation notes.

    Amazing handwritten instruction manual of a French naval officer, made and bound on board a ship at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, and used and completed during his career. In , the French navy was fully engaged in the North American conflict in which it played a decisive role facing the British fleet.

    Mettre en valeur le patrimoine politique québécois

    Its power is based on ships and modern artillery and on the quality of the training of its officers and crew. This handbook, an astonishing original document of which we have found no equivalents, brings together the sum of the technical, practical and scientific knowledge that an officer of the "Royale" had to acquire: astronomy, mathematics, tides, cartography, latitude and longitude, use of the compass and navigation instruments Its owner, who indicates on the title his initials and his rank: "Sieur P Also, its appearance and the materials used for its manufacture reveal the work of a sailboat or shoemaker rather than a bookbinder!

    The book is abundantly illustrated with hundreds of drawings and shems, most watercolored, including 22 at full-page, plus 6 folding plates, all perfectly drawn: astronomical diagrams, diagrams, instruments including a superb armillary sphere and 3 maps, including 2 of Brest area and 1 of the Mediterranean. The writing of the set, very legible, is by the same hand and chapter headers are mostly decorated. The list of the officer's student names indicates the places of their birth. There are some names of families of sailors known as "La Touche", "Audibert" Precious maritime document of great historical interest, original object unique in its kind in its design and realization.

    Derniers embarquements.

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    Mai Novembre Jaubert et de ses camarades sur les pontons de Plymouth, et dans la terrible prison de Dartmoor. Bonne orthographe. Style et orthographe corrects.

    Sagit-il du commandant Roger, commandant le Ponton Le Caton? Chomel , avec notes de Louis Garneray, Paris, Nepveu, Nouveaux embarquements. Mai novembre Original Velum binding. A precious personal "logbook" of a Marseilles sailor covering a period of forty years, recounting his successive embarkations to the trade and in the "Royale", from until his capture on November 3, , his detention on the pontoons and at the Dartmoor Prison until May 27, , and his last embarkations from June to November 5, document of considerable value for the knowledge of the maritime environment of the end of the 18th century, the heavy traffic in the Mediterranean and beyond, with first-hand accounts of the battles of Aboukir and Trafalgar and the lives of French sailors trapped on British pontoons.

    The manuscript includes: Part One: From the first embarkation to Trafalgar ; Part two: Captivity on the pontoons and at Dartmoor ; Third part: freedom refound. Latest boarding. May November First part: from the first embarkation to Trafalgar : it includes 31 embarkations, with a text indicating, for each ship, the detailed account of the navigation and a watercolor representing it. These navigations "to trade", all in the Mediterranean, except two in the Antilles, become from the 18th embarkation squadron sailing in the service of the King, the Republic, then the Emperor, whose first, after a fight against the English, ends with desertion and imprisonment.

    The reading of this picturesque and poignant document leaves the impression of a whole life devoted to action: Scarcely arrived and despite all the vicissitudes, Jaubert immediately seeks another ship, as if the ground burns his feet; attitude that is not unlike that of the illustrious Duguay Trouin. The adventures experienced by Jaubert are innumerable: he finds himself a stowaway on an Italian brigantine; led the Pasha of Constantinople to Crete, the Grand Vizier of Crete to Constantinople, and Greek women from island to island; brings from Algiers to Marseille French slaves captured in Corfu; Loads of Calamata figs, oranges, butter, cheese and wax cattle Skyros?

    This first part, hectic, ends in , after the 38th navigation, by incarceration "handcuffs and chain neck" Fort Saint-Nicolas of Marseille, then Toulon. It is illustrated with 31 watercolors, representing with remarkable precision the hulls and rigging of tartanes, boats, brigs, corvettes, bombards, chebecks, seneaux, vessels, brigantines, polacres, boulichous, frigates, schooners, etc It is therefore possible that Degun, talented watercolorist, detained himself on the Ganges, drew the ships that his companion of misfortune described him from preserved notes of his navigations.