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It will enhance the cultural heritage of historical cities in decay developing strategies of European small and medium cities for economic and social cohesion and inclusion.

Os presentamos las 23 APN aprobadas | URBACT

RiConnect network is to rethink, transform and integrate mobility infrastructure with the goal of reconnecting people, neighbourhoods, cities and natural spaces. It would develop planning strategies, processes, instruments and partnerships, fostering public transport and active mobility, reducing externalities, and unlocking opportunities of urban regeneration with the objective of structure the territory physical and mental and achieve a more sustainable, equitable and attractive metropolis.

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The ROOF project aims to eradicate homelessness through innovative housing solutions at city level. ROOF will exchange knowledge on how to 1 gather accurate data and 2 make the conceptual shift from the symptomatic management to the actual ending of homelessness, with Housing First and Housing Led as guidance model.

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ROOF will guide the partner cities towards integrated local action plans linked to the long term strategic goal of Functional Zero no structural homelessness. Rurban food. Recent experience suggests that it is necessary to promote a transition towards regional food systems. RURBAN FOOD encourages the creation of a network of cities committed to the design of food plans that extend from the urban and peri-urban areas through a corridor that facilitates an urban-rural connection.

This approach enhances the generation of production and consumption environments founded on a base of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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The goal of this Action Planning Network is to explore how social impact bonds can be used to improve public service delivery in areas such as employment, ageing, and immigration. Often, the delivery of services is hindered by fragmented and siloed agencies and budgets, financial and political short-termism, and an aversion to risk and difficulty creating change.

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The social impact bond is a promising model that ameliorates these issues by increasing collaboration, prevention, and innovation. Space4People improves quantity and quality of attractive public spaces in urban areas.

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  8. For this, it tackles the main public space use being transportation in 3 aspects: improving user experience and adding space to pedestrian networks and semi- pedestrianised places, upscaling intermodal hubs to urban centres of mixed use as well as reducing and optimising parking in public space. Space4People takes a user-centric approach by users assessing and creating future use and design of public space.

    Thriving Streets.

    On the Causes of the Greatness and Magnificence of Cities

    What would you keep and what would you leave in the past? Cars are too fast in Lisbon, we have to redesign the streets to offer a better and safer environment for all.

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    I want to see cities where we share space, vehicles, buildings. Paul McAuliffe , Lord Mayor of Dublin, then took the floor for the handover ceremony, thanking all the Velo-citizens organisers, volunteers, delegates, speakers, exhibitors, activists, press for their great effort and the inspiration they brought with them:.

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    Log in Log in. Paradoxically, fighting for local green space in the Bay Area undermines our ability to be global environmental activists. Some of those ideas may strike you as problematic: the increasing density he credits Atlanta with has been accompanied by an explosion of suburban sprawl. Others, like tilting the benefits of the tax system away from suburbanites and toward city residents, may sound absolutely unrealizable. No matter though. Tell us what you think.

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